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Veterinary Practice Management in Bloomingdale, IL


We provide all the core bookkeeping services you would expect, including accounts payable, accounts receivable, bank reconciliation, and financial statement preparation. We start with a free initial consultation to go over your software and ensure it can sync with Xero or QuickBooks, and to determine what you need from a bookkeeper. Bookkeeping can also include preparation of financial statements and help you set goals for set periods of time so you know whether you're growing at the expected rate. During the consultation, we will review your current point of sale and inventory system to determine the best way to maintain a proper financial record of customer payments and inventory tracking. We also need to know what your existing bookkeeping system looks like to determine what changes, if any, we need to make and how extensive they might be.

Veterinary Practice Management in Bloomingdale, IL

Calculating Payroll

Payroll Services

We will review your current payroll process and advise on the smoothest way to transition to our payroll. We will need to know whether you and your staff are paid hourly or salary as well as how often they are paid. Consultations will help us determine how you pay your employees and determine how to calculate it into your weekly or biweekly budget to make payments. We offer both direct deposit and paper check options, and direct deposit checks automatically send along paystubs on time.


Our veterinary practice management in Bloomingdale, IL is designed to help get you and your staff onboard with our software. Our software consulting solutions will help you learn how to get the information you need to us in a format we can use. We are certified in various cloud based practice management software such as evetpractice.com. These changes may require a development framework and there may be several meetings involved to determine the best way to transition without losing anything. Our goal is to ensure a smooth transition, so we provide the necessary training and help you get the most from the new system.

Business Reports

Reviewing a Budget

Budgeting Services

Our budgeting services start by analyzing your current financial statements and discussing your goals moving forward. Based on those conclusions, we help you set up a budget and track your performance to determine where you can make cutbacks to save money. Often veterinary clinics have payroll and overhead expenses that can eat up revenues if a proper budget is not created and tracked. We can help increase your profit margin by setting up and maintaining your budget for you so that you can focus on the things that matter- helping your patients stay healthy and happy!

Business Benchmarking

With this service, we help you collect key industry statistics based on your location, size, and financial markers to gauge other businesses like yours. This allows for a more accurate comparison, allowing you to make decisions in line with other businesses your size. Benchmarking provides insight into what your competitors are doing well and what they are not. You can take the good and leave the bad. Whether you are looking to grow your practice or downsize imitation can be the sincerest form of flattery! Benchmarking is available as a one-time service or with quarterly reports.

Reviewing Business Reports

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